Turmeric For Depession

Hello everybody. Welcome back here to FrankTortorici.com. Interesting article buzzing around the Internet on a lot of the holistic health websites this week and basically it’s about turmeric becoming more effective than Prozac when treating depression. As we know, if you guys scan through my archives, I’ve touched on turmeric before on studies done for its anti-cancerous properties and also with helping with working with diabetes, different studies.

Recently a study published in the Vital Therapy Research says that not only is turmeric effective at treating depression, it may even be more effective than some of the most common anti-depression drugs currently on the week. Okay. Researchers with the Department of Pharmacology of Government Medical College in India compared the effects of turmeric and Prozac, both used together and individually, in 60 patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder. According to the GreenMedInfo.com, the researchers using the Hamilton Depression Rating scale to measure their results.

They observed that curcumin was well tolerated by all patients. Curcumin is turmeric. Was well tolerated by most patients. The proportion of responders as measured by the HAM D-17 scale was higher in the combination group by 77.8% than the Prozac at 64.7, and the curcumin 62.5 groups. However, these data were statistically significant. Interestingly, the mean change in the HAM D-17 score at the end of six weeks was comparable in all three groups. The study provides first clinical evidence that curcumin, aka turmeric, may be used as an effective and safe modality for treating patients with depression without concurrent suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders.

That’s a common thing, if no one’s aware of that. One of the common symptoms and side effects of Prozac when treating depression is actual suicidal thoughts. It’s interesting, this study is done in India. It’s a rare thing that you will find studies like this done in America because a lot of these high-end funneled studies where they’re financing a lot of monies for them in America are more by the drug companies. Studies like this are a big no-no because they conflict with drug company.

You won’t see these studies  broadcasted on the  news because if you look at all the commercials, it’s always a drug type of a commercial, so it obviously conflicts. I really encourage all of you guys to research this stuff on the Web. Again, we have access to so much information, especially overseas where they do more of this progressive stuff than here in our own backyard in America. Again, a new study shows that turmeric can be much more effective with no side effects when treating depression than Prozac would.

Again, turmeric is also great and studies are done for cancer as well as diabetes. One other thing I forgot to mention, too, it’s very good for inflammation, as well. People with arthritis, things like that, flare-ups, & joint pains.

Nutrition Facts vs. Ingredients

     Hello, everybody. Welcome back to here to FrankTortorici.com. Today’s blog I wanted to touch on just what it means to really understand what you’re buying. What I have here. I just finished up with a client. Was at her house and she whipped these out asking me what my thoughts were on these. She saw multigrain crackers, she saw the V for vegan, so she was under the impression that she was on her way in making a great decision.

See the tagline there. It’s from Trader Joe’s Multigrain crackers. It says, “Good source of fiber and 2 grams of sugar per serving.” People see fiber, 2 grams of sugar thinking it’s low sugar. We’ll all good. If you read the side of the box you hear, “Trader Joe’s Multigrain crackers are made a unique blend of 12 grains. It’s family of 12 grains is artfully milled into a nutritious wholegrain blend tossed with golden soft wheat and then baked into a hearty round cracker.” Yada-yada, it goes on.

Now you get to this side. Like I always say, forget the nutrition facts, peep out the ingredients. What do we have here? We have enriched flour, wheat flour. We have sunflower oil. We have sugar. We have scotch oatmeal. We have rye flour. Multigrain flour bread, wheat, rye, barley, corn, millet, soy beans, sunflower seeds, rice, flax, durum, oats, wheatgerm, modified cornstarch, salt, invert syrup, sodium bicarbonate, onion powder, malt flour, monocalcium phosphate, microbial enzymes. 

Wow. We see the whole advertising ploy there. Again, we see the vegan. What’s missing on here? We don’t see anything that says, “Non-GMO verified.” What is that important? Well, very important. If most people that are shopping at stores like Trader Joe’s and picking up something like this instead of say anything from any of the major corporations. I don’t want to name any of the names. Ritz crackers, things like that. They think they’re making a healthier choice.

What’s missing here though is the non-GMO verified because what you have here. We have wheat. We have barley. We have corn. We have soy bean oil, We have cornstarch. Those that I just rambled off are key offenders of genetically engineered ingredients. Now if you do not see the non-GMO verified label on the box … As you can see it’s not anywhere to be found except for the V for vegan. This is basically a GMO shit storm in this product. I hate to say that but it is what it is. The best piece of advice is to avoid all types of grains such as I mentioned off.

Why? Because even if they’re organic and non-GMO verified, a lot of people tend to just have issues with digestion, foods with gluten like wheat, barley, rye, malt, things like that. Corn is a heavily genetically engineered crop. It all comes down to the labeling. Again, this is not to put Trader Joe’s on blast. They’re on of many offenders including major health food stores like even Whole Foods. Although they’re getting a lot better and stricter. I think it’s I want to say 2016 or ’18 where everything will be mandatory labeled of genetically engineered ingredients. This is obviously again as I said a GMO shit storm. Don’t know if you guys can make that out but there are the ingredients.

Avoiding GMOs are a very very important thing for someone who is trying to get and stay healthy. They irritate the gut lining and create a lot of immune responses, create a lot of brain fog. A lot of studies have surfaced saying with lavatory mice all coming up with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol. GMOs wreak havoc, so when you see a product like that that’s filled with grains and you do not see the non-GMO verified, walk away from it. It’s not real food.

Coffee & Being Alkaline

Hello everybody! Welcome back here to franktortorici.com . I know there’s a lot of different research out there; people have been drinking coffee for a long time. There’s benefits, there’s not benefits, but at the end of the day when we’re talking acid-alkaline principles, the human body wards off and disease cannot form in an alkaline system, so when you start pumping cup after cup of coffee which is purely acidic and then you start adding animal proteins to it like milk, butter nowadays, yeah it may slow the release of the caffeine by adding the butter but you’re tripling the amount of acid in that product which in return can create a very acidic bloodstream.

Again, a lot of those people who are doing the whole butter and coffee are eating a high protein diet as well, and as we all know – and we’re back to the acid-alkaline principles – all animal proteins are acidic to the human body. I don’t care if it’s organic, grass-fed, local, free-range, whatever, it is acidic to the blood, so if you’re not balancing it out with a lot of leafy greens, root vegetables, sea vegetables, fermented vegetables, you’re in trouble if you’re doing a very high protein diet when we’re on the topic of acid and alkaline principles. Now when you throw that coffee in there, you’re just upping the amount of acid in your bloodstream.

That’s pretty much it. Cut out the coffee, drink more alkaline water with lemon in the morning, if you want to do some decaffeinated tea, green tea, or ginger tea from Yogi, add the lemon, add the apple cider vinegar, add some cinnamon, some raw honey; that’s going to get you going. It’s going to alkalize your blood and that’s what we need because when we exercise we’re producing acid in our muscles.

We are oxygenating the blood by just breathing and by working out, but then after the workout if we’re putting in proteins and synthetic protein shakes, we’re just upping the acid levels in our bloodstream, and again, the rule of thumb is all disease thrives in an acid system, so you guys need to start balancing out the acid alkaline principles, they’ve been around for a very long time and they do work and there’s a lot of truth to them; I suggest you research them.

Float Tanks aka Sensory Deprivation Tank

Hello guys, welcome back here to franktortorici.com. I wanted to share my experience. I just recently about a month ago and I’ve been hooked on it ever since, did my first sensory deprivation, AKA float tank. I had my first experience, and needless to say it was pretty amazing. For those of you who don’t know, float tank. Well, there’s tons of different setups of it. The one I did looked like a clam shell, and it reminded me of an old school tanning bed. It was a clam shell, and it was about a foot to a foot and a half of water, and to my knowledge it was about 1,000 pounds of epsom salt in there. You get in there, you could either wear a bathing suit or go nude.

You have the option to keep light music on, and/or you have an option as well to keep a light on. Usually in this tank, this is the only one I’ve used so far, you have a knob, and you’re able to press it and it gives you a green violet light in there, a blue, an orange sunset, then you can go dark. What is it exactly? Well basically when you get into this tank, the temperature of the water and the air in there is all the same of body temperature. The effect of the sensory deprivation is caused from that, so you’re able to float in this water effortlessly. It creates the whole Dead Sea effect.

You just lay in there, you float, they give you some earplugs for the water because you are on your back, and you basically float. That’s pretty much it, but what happens is, you’ve got to remember, because of all the salt in there, there’s definitely a high magnesium content in the water there. You’re able to float effortlessly, and by doing that, every single muscle and ligament in your body is completely relaxed. The whole idea is to get you back to what it was like to be in your mother’s womb. Obviously there’s zero effort to so anything but just to lie there. From my experience, I noticed I had a moment where when I was laying there, I lost my senses, and mission accomplished then.

I really couldn’t tell whether or not if I was laying down or if I was even standing. You literally feel like you leave your body because your actual physical body becomes one with the water and with the air because it’s all the same temperature. It’s a pretty cool experience, so a lot of athletes are starting to come forward and claiming that they use it for recovery, because again, every single muscle in the body is completely relaxed. People dealing with muscle aches or sleep issues, again the magnesium content in there is going to reap a lot of benefits. Then also from the spiritual realm, and when you’re laying there and you’re pretty lifeless and one with the water and with the air, I haven’t had it yet but I have heard so many different testimonies of outer body experiences.

I definitely do resonate with the idea of laying in the float tank helps stimulate the pineal gland, the third eye, which is right in here. The reason being is because again, because you lose all of your senses there. It’s basically you’re just in tune with your mind and you don’t feel anything with your body, hence the sensory deprivation title to the process. What else can I say about it? I’ve noticed I feel more relaxed after I do it, I feel more focused. I also even notice during my workouts the day after I do it, I definitely feel like I’m able to hit a higher pace and higher volume with whatever it is that I’m doing, because it feels like the recovery is so quicker due to that relaxation of laying in there for an hour.

These are definitely popping up more and more. They’re not that easily accessible, which is the downside, but hopefully the movement is growing. That’s why I wanted to put a video like this on my channel, because there is information out there. I figure the more that we put stuff out there, the more there’ll be a demand and we’ll have easier access to this beautiful technology. That’s pretty much it, sensory deprivation, AKA the float tank. I highly recommend anyone checking it out. I did not feel claustrophobic, I did not get restless. It’s a pretty blissful experience.


Welcome back here to Franktortorici.com.  I just wanted to plant the seed for everyone. How many of you eat with an intention? Now, I’m not talking about eating with an intention because it’s breakfast, lunch time, or dinner time. I’m actually talking about eating with an in-depth intention. What I mean by that is, when you really understand the medicinal properties of foods and herbs you shift the way you plan your meals.

I’ve just come across so many people on a daily basis that eat to be social or eat because of what time the clock says it is. Not because, A, they feel that their body is even hungry, or, B, they’re eating things that they feel that their body needs at that present moment.

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say, for example, it’s summertime now, and you feel very hot all the time. Well, eating high, heavy, fattening, heavy foods to digest is not necessarily going to be the best thing to cool your body temperature down.

Great foods for cooling down is celery, cucumbers, watermelon; things of that nature to bring down the body temperature, to cool down. If you have a sore throat, instead of sucking on Hall’s and toxic candies like that, make a juice, put some fresh ginger in it. Put some jalapeno pepper. Put some garlic. You can even put some onion if you’re brave enough. Anything with heat, in Chinese medicine, is known to purify the blood and kill any types of infections or bacteria. Very simple.

What else? If you’re feeling on edge a lot, and you’re having problems sleeping, upping your healthy fats is going to help. Great food sources of that would be olives, avocados, raw organic grass fed milk or cheese. Anything with magnesium in that sense is going to help calm the body down and calm the system down.

One last one I can think of is, if you’re lacking energy and you’re just simply tired, there’s so many things, toxic things, for energy, like coffee and stimulants and fat burners. Get that out of your system. Why not introduce foods that are high in chlorophyll, like spinach, kale, chard? Mixing that into a juice, chlorophyll is energy processed through … the sunlight into a plant, so, if it can do that through a plant it’s most certainly going to do that to the human body. Maca root is another great thing for energy,deer antler and cordycep mushrooms.

Again, it’s eating with an intention, not just eating because the clock says it’s a certain time and you need to go be social. I think, if everyone started eating with an intention, we would see a major shift in society’s dependency on big pharma’s drugs and more dependent on local farmer’s foods. Something to think about.

Peace and Love



Welcome back here to FrankTortorici.com. Today we’re going to touch on anti-inflammatory type of foods and herbs that you can ingest on a daily basis that can help take down any of the symptoms of arthritis or any types of joint pain, inflammation, etc.

For starters, we want to go with turmeric. Turmeric is a great root that’s used in Indian cooking for curries, that orangey-type looking spice. It’s very anti-cancer. It’s loaded with curcumin which is the anti-cancer’s property, but also again, works as a major anti-inflammatory.

Your next best bet is going to be cherries and/or cherry extract that you can find in the supplement store. Cherries, again, have massive components of anti-inflammatory properties in them. It’s very commonly used for people that suffer with arthritis. I’ve seen miracles with that with clients on a daily basis.

The next one is going to be green leafy vegetables because we need the chlorophyll going into the body to create more of an alkaline system. When the body is more alkaline unless is sick, you will have a major reduction in joint pains and inflammation and arthritis, etc.

Finally, the last one that you guys want to try to ingest on a daily basis is for vegans, flaxseed oil; and for non-vegans would be a wild salmon oil, krill oil, things of that nature. The reason why is because any of the flax, the krill or the wild salmon oil are going to be very high in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s those omega that really work as an anti-inflammatory in human body, but as well as they also help lubricate the joints, which will then help reduce any types of friction through the tendons and ligaments and the muscularture of the body so therefore you can take down the inflammation.

Again, flaxseed oil, wild salmon and krill oil, green leafy vegetables, turmeric and cherry extract. Again, if you’re looking to fight any types of inflammation or arthritis or any aches and pains, those are the types of food you want to start trying to ingest on a daily basis.

The information is vital and it can help improve the information and quality of one’s life on a daily basis.

I want to thank you guys for your time.

                           Peace and love.


5 Cancer Fighting Foods

Today we’re touching on foods that actually help prevent and kill cancer cells in the human body, that’s right prevent and kill cancer cells in the human body. We are briefly a rundown, what we want to ingest on a daily basis is 1) ginger root. Here’s ginger root, it’s a little bit lighter and you can see the inside of it, it’s got a yellowish look to it. Ginger has been known to reduce prostate cancer cells in laboratory mice up to 56%.

It’s obviously is spicy, so it’s great for killing bacteria in the intestines or fighting any types of colds. The next one is turmeric root. Turmeric as you can see looks very similar to ginger, because they’re both from the root family. Turmeric, if I break this here, you’ll see it’s got an orangey look to the inside of it. The active component in turmeric root is curcumin , curcumin has been known to kill cancer cells in laboratory mice again by up to 85-90%. It’s very potent.

Turmeric is used in a lot of Indian cooking for that curry type vibe. My best piece of advice is for these 2 things is juice them. I make 1 to 2 juices everyday with turmeric and ginger in it, also adds a really great taste to any type of a juice. The next one is going to be apricot kernels, apricot seeds. Reason why? Apricot seeds, kernels, are loaded with vitamin B-17, otherwise known as laetrile.

Long list of healing properties and modalities, tons of people have found massive success when fighting different types of cancers when using apricot kernels. Again, do the research, not making any claims here this is just scientific evidence. The next one is going to be cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper, is loaded with antioxidants, again loaded with spice and heat, so it’s going to kill a lot of bacteria, infections, and also fighting against free radicals. Then your last one is going to be garlic.

Garlic pretty much works the same way as the ginger and the turmeric root. It’s been known to shrink tumors, it is anti-cancerous, anti-viral, anti-fungal. The ginger, and the garlic, and cayenne pepper are great during flu season or any types of colds, bronchitis, head colds etc. In Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, they are believe to help purify the blood, knock out any type of infections. Again, you heard it here live, these are the foods that you want to ingest on a daily basis to prevent and or treat any types of cancers in the human body. We’ve got ginger, we’ve got turmeric, we’ve got garlic, and we’ve got apricot seeds, and cayenne pepper.

Peace and love



Drink Real Raw Coconut Water

Welcome back here to franktortorici.com. How many of you guys have been caught by the coconut craze of coconut water? It’s booming, it’s a cool thing to see because when I started on this path back in June of 2000 I was having to go to the market and buy cases of young coconuts and now young coconuts are accessible in a lot of different places, which is a really cool thing. It’s also gone mainstream. But the downside of it going mainstream is that It’s complete crap. The reason why it’s complete crap is, because you guessed it its pasteurized.

When anything is pasteurized all you’re really ingesting is sugar content because the food has been exposed to heat to kill the bad bacteria, it’s also killing all the good bacteria and anything beneficial in it. If you’re caught up in the coconut craze and you love all the benefits you read about then what you need to do is go get young coconuts, crack them open yourself, pour the water out and eat the meat.

There is a brand right now that I’ve seen at Whole Foods, it’s bottled but it’s raw coconut water, I think it’s called Real Raw Coconut Water, it’s in a clear bottle with a green cap. I’m sure there are two or three other brands out there that I’ve seen. I’m not too familiar with the brands because when I do the coconut water I just crack it open myself. Again if you like all the benefits and you’re an athlete and you’re performing at high intense output levels and you need that rehydration, again coconut water is nature’s Gatorade. It’s loaded with minerals and electrolytes and then the meat is loaded with essential fatty acids, lauric acid which is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well.

A real coconut will go sour within 7-10 days so there’s the proof in the pudding. If you want the real results, you need to drink the real thing.

                           Peace and love


3 Foods To Help Burn Fat

Today I want to address a question that just came in recently on Facebook. It’s in regards to what are the best ways to burn fat as far as food and supplements are concerned. Well, if you live under a rock you would have no idea of all the bombarding ads we see on a daily basis of fat burning supplements that are very toxic to the liver and kidneys. The problem with a lot of fat burning supplements out on the market is they create a caffeine effect, if you will, strung out type effect, which a lot of people do not enjoy.

My theory is this; you have raspberries; raspberries are very high in a chemical compound known as ketone, K-E-T-O-N-E. That is in fact something that helps to shred fat ridiculously. Then you also have cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper has an ingredient … or I should say not an ingredient … A chemicals that’s known as C-A-P-S-A-I-C-I-N. Look that up as well. That’s found in cayenne pepper. Helps to shred fat as well off.

Another beneficial thing that I do believe is great too is getting arginine. Arginine is part of an amino acid. It’s found in branched-chain amino acids but you can find it on its own as well in liquid form, or tablet, or capsule form as well. Arginine is great way of burning fat.

Those are three things you have right there. You have raspberries, cayenne pepper, and arginine. Three ways to burn fat that will not toxifiy your liver and kidneys and other organs and you will never get a strung out type feeling on it like you would from  any of those other crappy type things that you would never want to put in your body.

I want to thank you for your time.

                            Peace and love.



Exercise & Poor Nutrition

Welcome back here to franktortorici.com. I wanted to touch on the importance of people grasping the concept that you cannot out-exercise a poor diet and poor lifestyle. It’s one of the most common things I see as a personal trainer, wellness coaching. It’s just a common thing that people just have this concept that if they go on the treadmill for an hour and burn off the calories then they’ve eliminated that horrible meal that they had for dinner and desert last night.

That may be the case if we’re stuck in numbers, obviously, if I ate 860 calories and then I went on the treadmill and burned 1,000, whatever it may be. If we’re talking from a numbers standpoint and you’re caught up in that concept then I could understand how one could buy into that theory so to speak.

Really at the end of the day when all is said and done, it’s like I always say: stop counting calories and start reading the ingredients. Get over the nutrition facts; get into the ingredients. It’s two separate things. I think once you do that you start to understand more that the whole theory of out-exercising a poor diet is total BS. Again, when we’re looking at things from a holistic standpoint … Again, if you’re looking at this from a conventional standpoint then it makes total sense. Numbers and numbers and if we’re caught up in numbers then we follow those guidelines and those restrictions.

But when we’re looking at a holistic standpoint, and the belief in holistic is preventative measures. If you’re going to scarf down a number two with a super-sized soda and then think that later on in the day you’re going to burn that off in the gym, again, you may burn those calories off but when we talk holistic we dive into the principles and the beliefs that every time we’re putting in toxicity we’re building more depth and layers of gook that eventually has to come out, because if it does not come out it acidifies more, it calcifies, and just creates more illness and disease in the body.

On the holistic means there is no way to out-exercise any diet, poor diet. From a holistic means it’s embodying a holistic lifestyle and being able to implement that day in and day out without even thinking. I always say it’s like rebooting the motherboard of a computer. Same thing with how you view what you put in your body, when and why. At the end of the day when we talk preventative and holistic there’s no out-exercising any poor lifestyle. The only way to really attack that thoroughly is to just change one lifestyle for the better and not holding onto old thought patterns and just action patterns of when we eat, how we eat, and why we eat.

Again, just to really bring this home, changing one lifestyle is the key to getting the weight off, keeping the weight off, feeling better mentally, having more energy, having more happiness. There’s the three H’s that this one profound had taught me. Everyone should be happy, hungry, and horny. If we’re not, there’s obviously a shift that’s taking place in our body that is not wanted. No matter how much you exercise, if you’re putting in crap you’re not going to out-exercise that crap. Changing the lifestyle is where it’s at!

                         Peace and love.


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